Meet The Author

Jaclynn Marie is a homeschooled Christian graduate and a long time member of the donut/Starbucks/BB-8/LOTR lovers fanclub (of course it’s a real thing).

With a huge imagination since she was just a little girl, it’s no wonder that as she grew up, so did her passion for storytelling. As a young teen she came across some writing blogs that she frequented and also participated in a few online writing challenges hosted by her blogger buddies. These definitely stoked the flame in her heart for something she didn’t realize would turn into such a burning passion.

Now a member of The Young Writers Workshop, Jaclynn’s thirst for knowledge on her craft has become nearly unquenchable. Aside from having written several short stories (including about 10 pirate romances), Jaclynn currently has 4 books in progress as well as a few other book ideas that she is restraining herself from plotting out anytime soon.

You may think Jaclynn is quiet at first and being introverted, you would be right! But don’t be mistaken. Once you get to know her better, you will come to realize she can be just as crazy as anyone else. Everyone knows writers are a little insane, right?