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Lately I’ve been thinking how not many people really know what my current WIP is all about and today is the day I change that! I’d like to share some snippets from True Colors with you today so that you can have a better look at what the story is about. These have never been shared publicly before and are entirely raw, unedited pieces of my work, so you’re in for a treat! ;D

   ”So, you’re him. You’re Connor,” Astrid said after a moment of awkward silence. Connor sighed and rolled his eyes. “Glad to have made an impression,” he mumbled.
   ”Well the stories they tell are something to behold,” Astrid said.
Connor scoffed, not making eye contact.
   Astrid leaned over, looking into his eyes again. Connor couldn’t understand why she kept doing that, but it was starting to annoy.
   ”You know, somehow when I look into your eyes I don’t see the raging, destructive man they describe,” she observed.
   Connor looked at her now, eyes narrowed. ”And what is it you see?” he asked.
She remained silent for a moment and then smiled sadly. ”Loneliness,” she said. Connor was taken back by this statement and the way it hit him made him feel uncomfortable. Why did that have such an effect on him?
   Connor arose and stepped out of the aisle. ”I’m not lonely,” he said.

   ”What could you possibly do to help me? You can’t change this,” Connor said, pointing to his hair.
   ”That is true to an extent ; you can not hide the truth. Our true colors always show here in Shano. However, there is always a way to change our appearance by our actions,” Zachariah said.
   Connor looked at him, eyes narrowed. “Don’t you get it? I can’t change who I am! No matter what I do to try to change, the anger – the hatred – it always wins,” he said.
    ”Of course it does. Because you do not believe that you can change. But I do, Connor. Everyone has the power within themselves to change who they are – if they truly believe the ability to change is in them,” Zachariah said.
   Connor sighed. This old man just didn’t get it. ”Believing you can change won’t make you change,” Connor mumbled.
   ”No…,” Zachariah began, leaving Connor wondering what could come next, “But it will give you the empowerment you need to do so,” he finished.  

   ”Sawyer, I told you to shut up!” Connor snapped.
”Oh, would you stop picking on Sawyer already?” Astrid said.
   ”Guys, come on, let’s stay positive here! Look, let’s head back to that cave we passed by earlier,” Alina cut in.
   ”Oh, yeah, go backwards, that makes sense.” Connor said, rolling his eyes.
Astrid scoffed as she turned toward Connor. ”Right now it’s the best option and that’s what we’re going to do,” she said as she turned back. Sawyer and Alina followed close behind.
   ”Who put you in charge?” Connor yelled out.
Astrid paused and turned back toward Connor. ”I did, since our real leader is too busy being a jerk to do any real leading here. Now either come with us or get lost,” she said firmly.

   He dreamed of Astrid, her body framed by the golden glow of the sun that set her eyes on fire. She stood by a lake surrounded by evergreen trees. The sun had started to go down and twilight had arrived. In the passing of the sun, her smile faded and in the darkness she was solemn and carried a heavy burden on her shoulders. Tears glistened in her eyes as she slowly turned, eyes locking onto his.
   This is when he saw himself. He was tall and menacing, his eyes burned with rage as he stared back at her. Astrid collapsed to the ground, drowning in her tears as he loomed over her.
He knelt down and lifted her chin so she would meet his gaze. His eyes softened slightly, but the rage returned in an instant and he struck her down.

I had so much fun writing Connor’s dream. It was one of those things that I hadn’t planned at all, but it just flowed and turned out to be a great opportunity to do some loose foreshadowing. I love when things like that happen! <3 

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What are your thoughts on True Colors so far? Would you like to see more snippets in the future? Do you have any constructive criticism to share?


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          Awe, I’m glad you want to see more! I’ll be sure to share more about it soon. Is there anything specific about it you’d like me to share? 🙂

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